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  • Ice Diver

Ice Diver

Congratulations on being one of the less than 1% of the US population who are certified as a SCUBA diver. Not good enough? How about becoming a diver that represents a fraction of 1% of certified divers…become a Certified Ice Diver! There is no certification that garners more respect and triggers more questions than the PADI Ice Diver Certification.

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

What’s Included: Ice dive theory training, three (3) ice certification dives w/optional 4th dive, use of all specialized ice equipment (lines,

harnesses, redundant air systems, shelter use, etc.)

What You Provide: Full SCUBA kit to include cold water protected regulator, either dry suit* or

6.5mm/7mm wetsuit, hood, gloves. Rental available.

Pre-requisites: Minimum 18 years old, Advanced Certification or equivalent with some cold water

diving experience recommended.


Join us for one of the most exciting weekends of diving you can imagine. Enjoy the mystical experience of diving within a crystal cathedral in the comfort of topside thermal protection…yes, our dives are done inside a heated shelter where you and your equipment are protected from the cold temperatures of winter. If you are diving in a wetsuit, hot water flush of your suit before and after the dive will make for a safe, comfortable experience. *If you are diving a dry suit, you must be dry suit certified or have a minimum of twenty (20) logged dry suit dives. Your dives will take place over a Saturday/Sunday where you will not only dive but go through site set up and tend the lines of those tending you…truly a team effort!

Registration is limited to eight (8) divers and full payment is required to secure your spot. Dive theory will be covered the week prior to the dives and will be done virtually. Location will be decided the week before the dives and based on snow conditions and weather forecast but typically within 60-70 miles of Fargo/Moorhead.


Secure your spot TODAY by calling MICK’S SCUBA (218-233-0448). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call my personal mobile number listed below or respond to this email. Hope to see you out diving this winter!!

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